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the techniques we use to remove trees will vary dependent upon factors such as: the size and shape, how old the tree is and whether or not it is damaged through rot or insect infestation. If you require felling or removal services it pays to call in an expert for your own personal safety and the safety of your property.

Tree Transplanting

Transplanting involves the relocation of a mature tree from one position to another. Great care must be taken during the removal and relocation process, in order to reduce the sudden shock and possible subsequent death of a tree transplant. Trees are cabled, fertilized, watered and regularly checked after the transplanting has taken place. Not all species are suitable for transplanting.

Tree Felling

Trees may need to be felled for a variety of reasons. This is dangerous work and should be carried out with care to persons, property and the surrounding environment. Before felling commences it is important to plan very carefully and consider if there are any factors that need to be taken into consideration like overhead lines, roads and buildings. Our experts don’t leave anything to chance. Call us today for a free appraisal.

Tree Lopping

There is a lot of confusion around the terms “lopping and pruning”. Many people believe they need to have their trees lopped when they become too large. Lopping is actually a very different procedure to pruning and can be harmful to the health and life of your trees. Trees are a valuable asset to you’re property so it is important to consider the long-term effect of any maintenance work.

Damaging Effects of Tree Lopping:

  1. 50% or more of the tree canopy is removed, starving the tree and causing undue stress.
  2. The tree will go into survival mode creating quicker re-growth, resulting in weakly attached and crowded re-growth.
  3. When the tree reaches its pre-lopping height, usually within a couple of years, it will pose a greater danger, as the re-growth can be weak.
  4. Lopped trees are not attractive to the eye and can be more susceptible to fungal and insect infestation.

Expert Tree Felling’s are Gauteng tree removal and relocation specialists. We offer commercial and domestic tree removal services. If you have trees on your property that need attention. We will complete an inspection and give you the best affordable management solution without compromising the health or well-being of the tree.

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