Probably one of the biggest tasks when cutting down a tree is removing the stump. Sometimes owners opt to keep the stump as a garden feature.

Some trees once cut down do not grow again while in other instances they grow new shoots that eventually grow into new randomly positioned and poorly shaped trees.

If clients don’t want a tree to grow again the stump has to be poisoned. The complete removal of a stump is a difficult and painstaking process requiring lots of manual labour. Exposed roots are chopped out as far as possible and finally the stump can be removed.

It is usually not possible to remove all roots as they grow in many directions for many metres. However, once the stump and main roots are removed the roots eventually die.

In some cases with very large stumps and where space permits a TLB is used to remove the stump.

All activities fully insured for every risk.

Stump Grinding


  • Evens out the ground to improve your gardens appearance
  • Removes trip hazards
  • Prepares the ground for landscaping or construction
  • Reduces the risk of termites/white ant activity
  • Completes the tree removal job 

Stump grinding involves the use of special equipment to remove unwanted tree stumps. Immaculate Tree Fellers stump grinder is small enough to fit through the average garden gate, thus enabling us to grind stumps in hard to reach places. Our stump grinder has carbide-tipped cutting teeth, which chew away the stump below the ground level.

The tree stump mulch is usually used to fill the hole left by grinding. Excess mulch is taken away or you can keep this for use in the garden. The end result is no stump and no mess.

Tree stumps can also be removed by other methods such as using an excavator or back hoe to dig around the stump and pull the stump out, or with smaller tree stumps using a bobcat to push the stump out of the ground.

There can be drawbacks when handling stump removal this way. Some of the challenges include access, root ball removal and the cost can be more expensive than using a stump grinding machine.

A stump grinder can completely remove the tree stump and improve the aesthetics of your yard. Our machinery is capable of grinding deep enough to remove the root mass and also chasing and surface roots. The size of the stump will determine time and cost of the stump removal job.

In the case where trees have been blown over as the result of storm activity, what is left behind is the tree root ball mass.

This usually results in protruding roots and deep holes which can be extremely hazardous and also leave the ground unusable. Our machinery is capable of dealing with root ball removal and returning the ground to a usable state.

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